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For Immediate Release 12/13/11
King Yellowman Returns

rankin scroo

REGGAE MEETS FUNK BEHIND THE SCENES The Dr. Dre of the bay area, Rankin Scroo, strikes again producing another hit single, "MAKE IT". The Urban Reggae Godfada, Jamaican born artist/producer, Rankin Scroo of Crucial Youth Productions (CYP) and Eric "EQ" Young, bass player and native of the San Francisco Bay Area, have merged their genres of Funk & Reggae to produce this latest hit. A veteran and former Quincy Jones recording artist, EQ, has played for Con-funk-shun, the Palliances, the Dazz Band, and Radiance.

EQ has toured the U.S. extensively for over twenty years and recently traveled to Iraq to play for our troops. EQ is no musician, but a true entertainer. You might catch him in Japan or in the Caribbean jam session. "I was born to do this", that's what EQ always tells his friends and fans. EQ's television credits include HBO, Soul Train, Motown Live & Sinbad.

EQ coming together with platinum producer, Rankin Scroo, produces this hot hit merging the two genres, Funk and Reggae. The merge allows Jamaican toaster, King Yellowman, & Jamaican rapper, Bogle Dread, to spread their wings on this single, "MAKE IT", with CYP artist, Irae Divine, on the hook line and Rankin Scroo & Ginger on the background vocals.

yellowman How it happened: Eric "EQ" Young had a funk beat called Gem & Eye. Executive producer Sheila of Funk Behind the Scenes on a sound bite search for her "Docudrama" heard it and told him it was funky. A week later, she asked Jamaican rapper/songwriter, Bogle Dread, if he could get her an interview with King Yellowman.

So Bogle Dread contacts Postman Ali, the promoter of the Yellowman & Rankin Scroo concert October 15, 2011 at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA and made it happen. Funk Behind the Scenes then asks Yelloman if they could film him on stage and he says, "Cool". After the concert, Funk Behind the Scenes @ imm film thought Yellowman would be the perfect artist to lay down vocals on the track, Gem & Eye.

Funk behind the Scenes asks EQ if they could work with his beat and he said, "Cool". Yellowman was working with his longtime friend, Rankin Scroo, at Crucial Youth Productions recording studio in Oakland, CA the day after the Ashkenaz show. Bogle Dread comes to the studio and asks Rankin Scroo if he could record Yellowman on the Gem & Eye beat. The answer was yes but Yellowman and this beat didn't quite sound like what they were looking for. Rankin Scroo still lays Yellowman's vocals down with some lyrics written by Bogle Dread.

Funk Behind the Scenes and Bogle Dread decide to assign Rankin Scroo as the producer of this song, "Make it", to get it to sound right. Rankin Scroo linked Eric "EQ" Young through the executive producer and got the files and permission to reproduce and arrange Gem & Eye with a reggae twist. Eric "EQ" Young told Rankin Scroo to do as he liked with the beat. Rankin Scroo remade the beat and recorded Bogle Dread taking both his and Yellowman's vocals and alternating them on the chorus. Irae Divine's "hoo Yea" was given to her by producer Rankin Scroo and added to the chorus giving "Make It" a dynamic hook line! That's what happens when Reggae meets Funk Behind The Scenes. "Make It" is a must hear masterpiece. "MAKE IT " is FUNKY!!!!!! We will get this song air played. Join Us! Keep Funk Alive campaign. Coming January 14, 2012 for more info go to